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5 Hottest 2017 Bathroom Trends of the Year

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5 Hottest 2017 Bathroom Trends of the Year

2016 is finally over and with a new year comes new changes to the 2017 bathroom trends in design and composition.  From new colors to smart storage ideas, and even getting a little funky with dimensional tile, we are bringing you the best 2017 has to offer when it comes to designing your bathroom.

1) Colors of the Year: Every year Pantone, the experts in color, create a color matching system to best fit the latest trends and styles of the upcoming year. This year “Greenery” was chosen as the Pantone color of the Year for 2017.

Green is a great way to bring nature into your bathroom, whether through paint, plants, or décor. Its complementary colors combine dark and moody tones including emeralds, ruby, and navy. They also contrast with pastels to be used as accents offsetting the bright whites that never go out of style, or to give a pop of color to neutrals, or to tone down dark colors.

2017 bathroom trends


2) Smart Storage: Storage is essential in the bathroom but with the creation of new designs storage is more than just the usual sliding drawers. Some of the most popular creative storage options are long and lean vertical drawers, open storage on the side of cabinetry, drawer dividers, and specifically designed pullouts to fit your space.

Newer medicine cabinets are more decorative and make a statement, combining the necessity of a mirror with the functionality of hidden storage.

2017 bathroom trends


3) Organic Elements: Elements from nature such as wood, stone, metal, and ceramic will never go out of style. These classic designs add warmth to any room and mesh perfectly with whites, neutrals, and grays. Most people find that organic elements bring a sense of tranquility to their bathroom and are usually paired with plants.

If budgetary restrictions prohibit you from adding high-end items such as furniture-like vanities, copper tubs, or marble tile don’t fret. With new technologies many products are available that look identical to these must have items but only cost a fraction of the price. 

2017 bathroom trends

4) Farmhouse Décor: With the popularity of HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, farmhouse décor is popping up in stores, design catalogues, and even in the bathroom. Farmhouse décor is an interior design trend that represents the simplicity and beauty of rural living and the simplistic ideas of the past, incorporating freestanding tubs, large basin sinks, rustic ladder towel holders, woven or metal baskets, open storage, exposed beams and an abundance of wood. 

Of course, no farmhouse décor would be complete without shiplap, the inexpensive wooden siding used commonly for exteriors that has been making it’s way into homes the past few years. Shiplap can be seen in the photo above to the right, and is primarily used as a feature wall or to bring texture into the bathroom.

2017 bathroom design trends


5) Dimensional Tile: Tile that creates movement and depth are making waves in the bathroom. In the same way wallpaper adds dimension, tile can create an entirely new room. As the same way wallpaper can be bold and overwhelming, same goes with dimensional tile, use this technique for an accent wall, behind a vanity or toilet area. When working within a budget use these tiles as a mirror surround or as a feature strip in the shower.

2017 bathroom trends

If a new bathroom is one of your resolutions give Re-Bath a call! We offer a free, no-commitment in-home design consultation with a guaranteed quote on the spot. We’d love to bring your remodel up to speed with the best 2017 bathroom trends with these or other great elements.

Towel Warmers: How To Enjoy Your Hot Shower Longer

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Towel Warmers: How to Enjoy Your Hot Shower Longer

A relaxing hot shower has warmed you to the bones. Now you have to get out and dry off, but as soon as you step out of the shower, you start to lose that warmth. So how can we keep that warm and toasty feeling a little longer?

Fortunately, some smart person who had the desire to stay warmer after the shower invented a device to solve that problem—a towel warmer. Imagine stepping out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a toasty snuggly warm towel. Wouldn’t that make a hot shower even better?

A towel warmer not only heats your towel, but also dries your towel after a shower and works equally well to warm a bathrobe, warm underwear, or dry a wet bathing suit. A towel warmer works especially well in the summer when you take multiple showers. You always have a dry towel and your towels never smell musty. towel warmers Towel warmers come in many sizes, configurations and prices. Here is what you need to know before buying a towel warmer.

Towel Warmer Styles

You can buy towel warmers as racks or cabinets/canisters and the starting price is under $100. Luxury towel warmers can cost thousands. The most popular finish for the less expensive models is chrome, but you can find many different finishes, including the popular oil rubbed bronze finish in more expensive units.

freestanding towel warmers

Towel warming racks are available as freestanding, wall mount, or floor mount units. The style you choose will depend on the space you have available and the location of the nearest electrical outlet. A freestanding towel warmer is the easiest to install. Just find a convenient location and plug it into a nearby electrical outlet. towel warmer drawer Electric towel warmers are also available as a small cabinet or canister. A canister can sit on the floor while a cabinet would be more convenient on a vanity top or stand. If you can’t locate them close to the shower, having to walk out of the shower to get the warm towel may be inconvenient—the closer to the shower the better.

free standing towel warmers

Towel Warmer Heat Sources

Most towel warmers use electric for heat. Towel warmers can either use a cord or they can be hardwired. Hardwired refers to an electric wire without a plug running directly into the unit. Hardwiring is most often used during new construction or an extensive remodel. The advantage of hardwiring is a cleaner look without exposed wires or cords, which could be a tripping hazard. hardwired towel warmers Most manufacturers state that their electric towel warmers cost about the same as a light bulb to operate. Some people choose to run their warmers all the time because they do require some time to reach operating temperature. You can also install a timer so the warmer comes on before you need it and shuts off after your towel is dry.

Some towel warmer racks are heated hydronically or with hot water, which runs through coils in the towel warmer. You can use the hot water from your plumbing system, which would reduce your operating cost. The towel warmer itself is more expensive as is the installation. Hydronic systems are typically installed during new construction or an extensive remodel.

towel warmers

Towel Warmer Safety

Electric towel warmers have been around for a long time. Technology has improved safety and efficiency over time. Temperatures on the surfaces are not hot enough to cause pain or skin burn. Make sure the warmer you choose has been UL tested and approved. You can tell by the UL sticker. While warmers are tested to be splash proof, they are not designed for use in a shower. For added safety, connect your towel warmer to a GFI (ground fault interrupted) circuit. A GFI device will turn the circuit off if it detects a problem with the ground, protecting you from a potential electrical shock.

Towel Warmer Size

Size is an important consideration. Will your towel warmer by used by two or a family of four? Will you use the warmer for a bathrobe or underwear? You may want to choose the largest one that will fit in your space so you have plenty of room. wall mounted towel warmers So go ahead and treat yourself to a lot of luxury for potentially little money. Step out of the shower and feel the warmth of the sun. Your body will thank you.

5 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends For 2014

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5 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends For 2014

bathroom design trends 2014The bathroom continues to be one of the most requested remodeling projects. But bathroom remodeling has become more than just replacing worn out fixtures and repairing water damage. Bathroom remodeling has evolved into designing for comfort and accessibility. Homeowners want their bathrooms to have features that make the bathroom more convenient. And even though consumers may not spend a fortune on their bathroom remodel, they want to feel as if they did. Bathroom design trends for 2014 will include features that are practical AND pampering.

These are the latest trends our customers are asking for and the trends that the industry says are on the wish list of homeowners across the county.

Here are my top 5 bathroom design trends for 2014:

1. Easy Entry Showers

bathroom design trends for 2014Replacing a bathtub with a shower has been popular for some time. But shower base manufacturers are now offering lower thresholds or curbs, which makes entering the shower easier for all ages.

The latest trend is level entry showers (no threshold or curb), which eliminates tripping and allows easy access for a wheel chair if the need arises. Level entry provides a seamless transition from the floor to the shower offering a more open look.

The shower base is delicately sloped towards the drain to keep pooling water from escaping the shower enclosure. The end effect creates an elegant and accessible shower design, making it one of the most popular bathroom design trends for 2014.

2. Large Airy Showers

Homeowners who have a claustrophobic shower often request the largest possible shower. However, the constraint is often the size of the bathroom. Removing walls, soffits (lower ceilings over the shower), and stealing a little room here and there increases the actual and visual size of a shower.

bathroom remodeling trends for 2014

In addition to gaining more space, using a clear glass shower enclosure gives the appearance of an even larger shower. A frameless (without metal framework) shower enclosure gives an even more open look. The clear glass allows you to see right through the shower while giving the appearance of a much larger bathroom.

3. LVT Flooring

Ceramic tile has been the standard floor for bathrooms since indoor plumbing became popular. Tile was chosen and used because of its durability and low cost. The drawbacks to ceramic tile are difficulty cleaning, little if any slip resistance, and tile is cold on the feet. LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which is available in tile sizes of 12 x 12 and 16 x 16.

bathroom design trends for 2014

It has the look of tile or stone and can be installed with or without grout. The surface is slip resistant and warm on the feet. Unless you see the LVT flooring being installed, you’ll never know it’s not real tile or stone. The tile is only 1/8” thick, so it can be installed over most any floor that is in good condition. LVT is extremely durable and easy to clean. Not only is it water resistant, but also impact resistant and much more durable than stone floors, making LVT flooring a chic bathroom design trend for 2014.

4. Free Standing Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are perfect for those who want the luxury of a roomy soaking tub. The old claw-foot tub was the original freestanding tub.Sizes and styles were limited. But today manufacturers offer a wide variety of tubs from claw-foot reproductions to modern almost futuristic looking tubs.

bathroom design trends for 2014

Freestanding tubs require more space than a tub installed in an alcove, so they are usually reserved for larger bathrooms. The plumbing is exposed, which requires more expensive plumbing fixtures.

5. Transitional Styling

Transitional style refers to a blend of traditional and contemporary or modern styles. This concept is similar to the eclectic style, which uses a combination of elements from different styles while still achieving a unified look. In other words, it’s okay to mix and match different styles as long as the look is pleasing to the eye. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

bathroom design trends for 2014

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, keep these trends in mind and work with a designer who is up on the latest bathroom remodeling trends. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom so our bathrooms should be a place we enjoy –a place where we can groom our bodies and soothe our souls.

The 3 Worst Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

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The 3 Worst Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bathroom remodeling is a complex process with a lot of moving parts and potential pitfalls. A successful project requires not only skill, but through planning and preparation.

bathroom remodeling mistakesPlanning starts with the reason you want to remodel. Do you want to remodel because:

• Your bathroom has water damage and needs repaired.
• Your bathroom was poorly designed and you want more functionality.
• You’ve been dreaming about a new bathroom.
• You want to replace your bathtub with a shower.
• You’re planning to stay in you home longer and need a more accessible bathroom.

No matter what your reason for remodeling, you’ll want to start with a detailed plan and budget.

Avoid these 3 bathroom remodeling mistakes and enjoy a well-planned bathroom that suits your needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Mistake #1 – No Plan

bathroom remodeling mistakesThe plan is your road map to a successful job. Without a plan, you’re remodeling on the fly, which always takes longer and costs more.

If you don’t have the skills or knowledge, an interior designer or contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling would be a huge help. Experience pays big dividends by keeping you from making costly mistakes and assuring that you’ll be happy with the finished product.

A good plan should include the following:

1. A design that accomplishes your goals.
2. Product selections that suit your needs and your tastes.
3. Products that will work with the design and within the budget.
4. A list of all the work that is to be done.
5. A time frame to get the work done.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Bathroom Remodeling Mistake #2 – No Budget

bathroom remodeling mistakesThe difference in cost between a low-end remodel and a high-end remodel can be tens of thousands of dollars. The easiest way to set a budget is to figure out how much you are comfortable spending. Allow some room in the budget for those little extras you just can’t live without.

Visit a plumbing showroom to get an idea of how much different products cost. Make notes of all the products you’ll need and how much they cost. You’ll also need estimates on general labor and specialty labor such as plumbing, electrical, and tile work.

Once you have all of these figures together, you’ll have a good idea what the total cost would be.

A much easier way to get a price on a bathroom remodel is to call a contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling. An experienced contractor can give you ideas on the best way to get the results you want and keep you in budget.

“Some couples go over their budgets very carefully every month. Others just go over them.”

Bathroom Remodeling Mistake #3 – Trying to Do It Yourself

Some handymen are quite capable of remodeling a bathroom, but for most of us, trying to do it on our own would spell disaster. Bathroom remodeling is complex and requires extensive knowledge, experience, and tools.

bathroom remodeling mistakes

Do-it-yourself disasters are so common among homeowners that the DIY Network made a series called Disaster DIY. The series shows homeowners who attempted to remodel their homes and ended up frustrated and had to call a professional to complete the job.

TV programs that show remodeling projects being done by professionals often portray jobs that go smoothly and are completed in a short period of time. This leads some do-it-yourselfers to believe that the work is not that hard and could be done in a short period of time.

bathroom remodeling mistakes

Don’t be fooled.

Find a professional who is experienced in bathroom remodeling, has an excellent reputation, offers a good warranty, and is there to backup the warranty. Quality products and workmanship doesn’t come cheap, but it’s much less expensive than hiring a professional to redo work that was done incorrectly the first time.

Happy Remodeling!

How to Design a Contemporary Bathroom

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How to Design a Contemporary Bathroom

What is contemporary design? Contemporary design is broadly defined as the building or design style of the present day. Contemporary bathroom design is actually quite varied and has numerous influences. This style does not have easily recognizable or standard features as some other styles do. The style is somewhat eclectic, and individual designers would probably have a different opinion of what elements make up contemporary design, or if a particular design could be labeled as contemporary.

Here are some basic elements of contemporary design:
• Simple and clean without clutter
• Strong emphasis on line and form
• Sophisticated neutral colors
• Metals, glass, and tile
• Sleek, crisp textures
• Muted patterns

Now that we know what makes up contemporary design, let’s see how to use different elements to design a contemporary bathroom. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong. Use the design elements above, but remember—rules can be broken. Give the design personality and make it your own.

Contemporary Bathtub/Shower Styles

Most bathtubs and shower bases are non-descript and will work with the majority of design styles. The wall surround should be slick and smooth and could be either a solid panel or a larger tile with small grout joints. The valve and showerhead would have a simple design with a metal finish, typically chrome or satin nickel. The shower curtain would be a solid muted color. If we chose a shower door, it would have a similar finish as the valve and showerhead along with minimal detail and clear glass.

contemporary bathroom

Contemporary Toilet Styles

Most toilets will work in a contemporary bathroom design, but many higher end toilets have a dramatic look that makes a statement. If the budget will allow, a toilet with a more contemporary flair won’t go unnoticed.

contemporary bathroom toilet

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity/Sink Styles

Clean and clutter-free is a key element of contemporary design. So, if you choose a vanity, you’ll have storage space to keep the clutter off the sink top. The vanity should have straight lines with minimal detail. A sink under-mounted in a neutral top offers a clean look. The faucet should match the valve and showerhead.

contemporary bathroom

If you choose a pedestal or console sink, look for clean forms with little detail. For example, the base for a pedestal sink or legs for a console sink would be straight without molding features.

Contemporary Bathroom Flooring

The floor should be smooth. If tile is used, keep the grout joints tight. If you want to add a pattern, light marble veining works well. The floor should work as an integrated part of the design without calling attention to it.

contemporary bathroom

Contemporary Wall Colors

Contemporary design favors muted neutral colors. Neutrals are loosely defined as a color that does not attract attention and does not show up on the color wheel. Examples of neutral colors are beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white.

contemporary bathroom

One of the most popular color schemes for contemporary design is monochromatic. A monochromatic color scheme uses one color for the main color theme. In addition to the one color, various darker shades, grayer tones, and paler tints of the main color are included. The main color is often paired with white or another neutral.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Light fixtures must compliment the rest of the room. Clean simple design with colors or finishes that blend with the rest of the room are a must. A light bulb that has a whiter cast as opposed to a warmer yellow cast works better for contemporary design because it shows off the neutral colors better.

contemporary bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

In keeping with the minimalist element of contemporary design, accessories should be downplayed. Use a mirror without a frame or if you choose a frame, choose one that blends with the surrounding colors and or finishes. Artwork should blend with the colors of the room unless you want a vibrant piece to be a focal point or make a statement.

Designing a contemporary bathroom is not hard if you use the above suggestions and throw in a dash of your personality. Keep the basics in mind and remember one of my all time favorite quotes by John D. Berry:

“Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it’s invisible.”

Happy Designing!

Bathroom Design on a Budget

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Bathroom Design on a Budget

Looking for a new bathroom design on a budget? Want your bathroom to look like it came out of a magazine? Don’t have the money for a complete remodel? Good news—you can give your bathroom a fresh new look without the expense of a total remodel.

Is your bathroom in good shape other than cosmetics? Nothing wrong with the tub, tile walls, or floor? No water damage? So your bathroom has good bones, but needs a makeover—right? Great. We can show you how to create a new bathroom design on a budget.

Many bathrooms are just tired. They need a little life to revive their previous beauty. You may be surprised by how a few inexpensive changes can drastically change the look of your bathroom.

7 Design Ideas for a Bathroom Design on a Budget

If you’re the least bit handy, you can handle these projects by your self. Most projects can be completed in a few hours with minimal tools.


Paint the Town

Well no, not really. Paint your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint will transform your bathroom from tired to refreshed. Choose from a neutral or a color that makes a statement. A lighter color will make the bathroom appear larger and can be used as a contrasting background for a colorful shower curtain or towels. Make sure to use a paint that has the proper sheen for bathroom use.

bathroom design on a budget

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Replace your existing mirror with a larger mirror with a decorative frame. The larger the mirror, the larger your bathroom will appear. The decorative frame will add a touch of class. Most home improvement or department stores carry a good selection of framed mirrors.

bathroom design on a budget

I See the Light

Poor lighting makes a bathroom look drab and dingy. Replace outdated light fixtures and add more lighting if needed. Make sure your fixtures have the proper wattage bulbs. In a typical 5 x 7 bathroom, you should have a general lighting source (think ceiling), a light over the tub or shower (vapor proof), and a light over the vanity.

bathroom design on a budget

It’s Curtains for You

The difference between a dull and boring shower curtain and a decorative or designer shower curtain is the difference between night and day, but the cost difference is small. Give your bathroom a personality with a colorful shower curtain that blends with the tile and fixtures.

bathroom design on a budget

If you have a shower door that is covered with soap scum that won’t come off and the glass is beyond cleaning, consider replacing it. Home improvement stores stock the most common shower doors and you can install shower doors in a few hours. Not up to installing a new shower door? Replace your shower door with a curtain.

Throw in the Towel

Splurge on soft and fluffy towels and good quality throw rugs. This is a great chance to add color and personality. Towels and rugs can be used as a contrast to the wall and floor color and give life to the room. Not only will the towels add color, but also you’ll enjoy using them—spa comfort for a few more dollars.

bathroom design on a budget

Knick, Knack Paddy Whack

A few well-placed tasteful pieces of artwork, plants, or knick-knacks will add color, character, and interest to your bathroom. A framed painting or photograph is something you don’t often see in a bathroom, so it’s a refreshing change. If you don’t have a green thumb, a silk plant will help bring the outdoors inside.

bathroom design on a budget

You could do all of these projects in one weekend and totally transform your bathroom for very little money. Your guests will think you completely remodeled your bathroom. But you can smile, because you’re the only one who knows how little it cost and how easy it was.

Quick Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom

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Quick Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom

From helping you get ready for work in the morning to unwinding, bathrooms serve many purposes. Organizing your bathroom can help transform it from the place you take your morning shower to your personal beauty salon or barber shop. Here are a few tips to help you organize your bathroom for optimal space and performance:

Control Bathroom Clutter

Gels, sprays, hair curlers, brushes and hair dryers take up a lot of space in the bathroom. For quick organization, make or buy an drawer organizer and load it up with your supplies. As you place them in the containers, evaluate whether you use the items often. If not, donate it to a friend or to charity. When you grab an item, the whole organizer can be taken out and put away without creating a mess.

organizing your bathroom

You can even line your bathroom drawers and cabinets with drawer liner or wrapping paper to keep it clean and neat. If make-up or gunk builds up under your sink or in your drawers, just rip out the liner and replace it – no scrubbing necessary.

Add Creative Towel Storage

organizing your bathroomTired of drenched wet towels left on the floor? If your towel rack isn’t big enough to hang the family’s towels, add hooks to the bathroom. Towel hooks are cheap, easy to mount and create a space for each member of the family to hang their towel.

No more fighting over whose is whose, plus your bathroom floor will remain dry, not damp. Mount your towel hooks on the back of your bathroom door to keep them out of site. Mounting them behind your bathroom door can also do the trick.

How To Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

organizing your bathroomMake your medicine cabinet a repository of things you need and use regularly, which means chucking any outdated medicines and relocating excess to another location. The way to achieve a clean vanity top is to change the use of the medicine cabinet. They are better used for everyday grooming supplies rather than medicines.

Did you know? Steam and higher temperatures in the bathroom can ruin medication. Storing these items in a kitchen cabinet or closet with less moisture will help medications and prescriptions last longer.

.By creating “active” storage in your medicine cabinet you’ll minimize time spent in the bathroom, giving you more time to organize another space in the house.

Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

Keep like items in their own labeled storage bins underneath the sink or in the linen closet. When you need to use something, slide the whole container out for easy access. This helps keep everything in its place, and prevents bottles from knocking anything over, and helps contain spills.

organizing your bathroom

Don’t forget to take this time to go through any almost-empty bottles and toss them. Hoarding products you may never use again just takes up space. Commit to finishing the product, or throw it out.

In-Shower Storage

organizing your bathroomThese days, you can have a shower installed with beautiful recessed shelving or even corner towers that maximize storage without taking up any room in your shower stall. If a remodel is out of the question, there are a few alternatives you can try.

There are lots of utilitarian shower caddies you can hang from your shower head and stow your shampoo bottles, soap, razors, and even loofahs. Setting bottles down in the corners of your shower not only creates the look of clutter, but it can trap water and create mold.

A shower caddy will keep your bath supplies in a collected location, and the good ones will allow proper draining so no mold is left behind.

organizing your bathroom

Organizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be tough or expensive project. Bathroom organizers can be found cheaply at plenty of home and garden stores, or they can even be made by things you may have around the house. With a little planning and effort, you can free up much more practical space in your bathroom and make it even easier to find what you need and keep it out of sight when you’re not using it.

How the Pros Choose a Bathroom Paint Color

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How the Pros Choose a Bathroom Paint Color

Have you ever been frozen in your tracks when trying to choose a bathroom paint color? The decision can be intimidating. Do you ask yourself, “What if I make a mistake and I don’t like the color?” You’re not alone—many people face the same uncertainty.

The reason for the indecision is the lack of a system or a method to choose a good bathroom paint color. The process is actually pretty simple. Armed with some basic knowledge, anyone can choose a color that will bring a bathroom to life and look like the work of a pro.

Here’s how the pros pick a color:

First Step To Choosing the Right Bathroom Paint Color:

Think of the mood you want to create. How do you want to feel when you walk into the room? Will your bathroom paint color make the room bright and cheery, neutral, or dark and cozy? The color should reflect a quality of your personality. For bright and cheery think yellow. Beige or white will give the room a neutral feel. Dark colors provide an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

bathroom paint color scheme

Second Step To Choosing the Right Bathroom Paint Color:

Choose an overall color scheme. The foolproof way to color a room is to move from dark to light vertically. Use a darker color on the floor, a medium color on the walls, and a lighter color on the ceiling. But, you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic (one color or shades of one color) color scheme either. If possible, get a sample of the floor, wall and ceiling color and lay them side-by-side to get a better idea of the complete look. Trim can be painted neutral or a few shades lighter or darker than the walls for a more dramatic look.

bathroom paint colors

Color hue, value, and intensity also play a role in the effect of a color.

Third Step To Choosing the Right Bathroom Paint Color:

The last step for choosing your bathroom paint color is to choose the sheen. Paints come in these sheens: flat (or matte), satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. Eggshell and semi-gloss are the best choice for a bathroom because they are washable, but semi-gloss will show more defects in the walls and trim. Typically, an eggshell, satin, or flat is used on the ceiling.

bathroom paint sheens

If you get really daring and decide on a two-color scheme, you need to know how to use a color wheel. This handy device will show which colors work well together.

bathroom paint color theory

Courtesy of graf1x.com

Faux painting (decorative painting) has become very popular. A good faux artist can make your walls look like leather, marble, and many other muted patterns—the sky is the limit. The same color rules for choosing a bathroom paint color apply.

These steps offer some guidance for using the most common methods of choosing a pleasing color scheme. But if you asked five different designers how to choose a color, you would probably get five different answers. The reality is that you have to please yourself. This is your home and you must be happy with the way it makes you feel. So if you choose a color that is unusual, but it makes you feel good—go for it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your perfect bathroom paint color.

bathroom paint colorsTip: If you’re nervous about your choice of wall color, paint a two-foot by two-foot sample area in a prominent spot. Wait a few days until you’ve had a chance to see the color in different lights and then make a decision. Some stores offer sample colors in small jars so you don’t have to buy a gallon and waste it.

Don’t be afraid. Follow the three steps and make a choice. Paint a sample on the wall and vote yea or nay. Choose your personal bathroom paint color and go to work. My guess is that if you followed the steps, you’ll be happy with the result. Now you have a newfound skill you can use to tackle another room.

Check out Color Therapy at Home for a more detailed discussion on the power of color and how it affects us emotionally and physically.

Happy painting!

What Is Good Design?

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What is Good Design?


Merriam-Webster defines design as “to design is to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan, or to conceive and plan out in the mind.”

So, what is good design and how is it achieved?

Design encompasses many elements. Form, function, color, pattern, and texture are all a part of design. Each element contributes to the function, look, and feel. I think of good design as having two components. Unless you are designing a cog for a machine, designs include both parts.

What are the two components of good design?

Since we specialize in bathroom remodeling, I’ll use bathroom design as an example.

good designThe first part of good design is function. Good design demands that we make the bathroom safe and easy to use for users of all ages and physical abilities. Safety grab bars and slip resistant flooring are two examples of items that make a bathroom safe. A good design incorporates adequate clearances that allow the user to move comfortably and safely.

For example, the recommended clearance from the front edge of a vanity top to an opposing wall is 30”. Some older bathrooms may not have this clearance, but when remodeling, if a clearance can be improved, it should be.

Design Aesthetics

good designThe second part of good design is aesthetics, or the combination of color, pattern, texture, and form to achieve an appealing look. Where the first part of design is black and white, the second part is in the eye of the beholder. Certain color combinations are known to be more pleasing than others, but if an individual wants an unusual color or pattern and that combination pleases him or her, then it’s good design.

The aesthetics of a design should arouse an emotional response. The ability to design a space that makes the user feel uplifted is the essence of good visual design. The next time you walk into a room and get that inviting feeling that beckons you to stay awhile, look around and notice the design elements.

The best-qualified bathroom designer has designed and seen many bathrooms. It’s one thing to design a bathroom on a piece of paper; it’s another to see how the space is actually used and how the visual design elements work together to create an appealing environment.

Designing for Function and Space

good designWhen planning a bathroom remodel or any other remodel, consider the two parts of the design equation. Think of who will use the space and what their needs are. Design the room for safety and comfort. And after giving consideration to the functional aspect, choose a color, pattern, and texture that will make you smile every time you walk into the room.

Good design, good life.

A Walk-in Shower For 2

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A Walk-in Shower For 2

Over the years, we’ve had many unique bathroom remodeling requests. But recently, a customer challenged us with the task of removing their tub and small shower and designing a walk-in shower that would accommodate two people.

The shower was to have a modern look with separate controls and no door. In addition, an offset in the back wall created an obstacle that might make the shower look like an afterthought. Sounds like a tall order. Right?

Maybe so for most mortal designers, but our creative Design Consultant, Bill Hall, whipped out his design pad and drew on 30 years of remodeling experience to come up with a walk-in shower solution that got a raving approval from our customer.

Removing the tub and small shower gave Bill almost eight feet of length to work with. Fortunately, an existing skylight was centered in the eight-foot space. He positioned shower controls at each end of the space and included two toe-testers. A toe-tester is a small spout about 12” above the shower floor. After stepping into the walk-in shower and turning on the water, you stick your toe under the toe-tester and when your toe tells you the water temperature is just right, you divert the water to the showerhead. No more ice-cold showers when you first get in. The toe-tester is also handy for cleaning the shower without getting all wet.

2-person shower

Bill used the disadvantage of the offset in the back wall as an advantage and created a shelf that looks as if it were built there on purpose. Instead of an ugly offset, it became an attractive shelf to hold the customers’ shower grooming supplies. Now, that’s creativity.

Bill specified a custom base with a drain on each end. His reasoning was that if there was only one drain, maybe in the center, the slope on the shower floor would be much steeper. Two drains require less overall slope, which provides more solid footing.

The customer did not want a walk-in shower door so Bill used his creativity and designed two heavy glass panels with an attractive radius on the top corners. A 24” opening between the panels was the doorway. The heavy glass required only two mounting points giving a clean modern look.

Our customer was not only impressed with Bill’s design and the finished product, but was equally impressed with the Re-Bath staff, their workmanship, and their professionalism.